If you are looking for reliable production contracts from tier one refineries or title holders, please don’t hesitate to contact Todd Gessele at INSPIRED Project Funding, LLC by email.

We need 2 things:
1. A Fuel Request or LOI specifying Fuel type, quantity desired, Location of FOB/CIF, frequency of lifts, and Specs. 
2. Provide a CP and Website of the Name of Company/End Buyer, who will pay for the fuel and take title to it. We will provide our NDA/NC on request
We promise to swiftly set up a call between you and or your buyer and our proven refineries/title holder(s) so you can:
    A. Discuss Price
    B. Review Procedures
    C. Confirm Logistics (TSA, Q88, 637, Export Licences 
    D. Agree on Banking and 
    E. Schedule your Fuel Lift
    F. Disclose Total Commission
    G. Provide ICPO info or we will issue an SPA or CI straight away.

You get fuel!

Resellers attempting to use their end buyer’s money to close a deal, shouldn’t waste our time or theirs. We are only interested in talking to genuine buyers directly. Everyone else is just a broker.
Kindest Regards,

Todd Gessele
Fuel Trader and Financial Consultant at INSPIRED Project Funding, LLC
“Finds Fuel and Millions of $$$ for International Clients”

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FOR SALE: Need a whole airplane? Here are a few to choose from. I can help you find Boeing and Airbus Aircraft (New or Used) to buy at factory discounts or to dry lease. We have passenger airframes, one cargo plane plus a few helicopters too for sale. Contact Todd Gessele at inspiredprojectfunding@gmail.com with your buyer's Client Info (CI) or call 503 348-8652.

FOR SALE in NEW YORK: Diesel and Gasoline. Production Contracts 52 weeks or 104 weeks. This refinery processes approximately 335,000 barrels of crude oil per day (42 U.S. gallons per barrel), making it the largest oil refining complex on the U.S. Eastern seaboard. Unbranded gasoline (87, 89 and 93 octane), this refinery also produces jet fuel, cleaner-burning diesel, petrochemicals, liquefied petroleum gas and sulfur in the Northeast. We offer a variety of diesel products, including ultra-low-sulfur diesel, non-road, heating oil, locomotive/marine and non-jet kerosene. For Truck or Barge Pickup direct from refinery or pipeline. Contact Todd Gessele at inspiredprojectfunding@gmail.com with your buyer's Client Info (CI) or call 503 348-8652.

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