Financing for Fuel Deals 
Secure a refundable SBLC for 4 Percent

INSPIRED Project Funding has a financier group, who is ready to provide 100 percent funding for fuel transactions. We charge petroleum buyers just 4 percent (instead of the industry rate of 12 percent) to post SBLC’s, the cost of which, will be credited back/refunded in full when a deal is completed! 

BENEFITS: You, the buyer or your trade group, will net 30 percent of the profit spread, whenever the financier group approves, funds and successfully executes a transaction with you. And you essentially get an SBLC for FREE, as the cost of your SBLC with be refunded with the profits of the last tranche of the deal!

The profit spread 
is: the difference between the price you are buying the fuel at and the sales price to the exit less the intermediary commissions due X the quantity of the fuel.

To qualify for 100% deal financing, the buyer or their trade group may be asked to show our financier group that they have a minimum of $350,000 of their own money PLUS enough to cover the SBLC fees. This is to ensure that the buyer or their trade group is prepared to cover any upfront
tank farm payments for ATV or NOR and any DTA expenses, as the buyer must be deemed to be in a position to cover all incidental logistic expenses. A copy of the purchase
Commercial Invoice (CI) and the buyer and seller’s Corporate Profile (CP) and the CI for the buyer’s exit must be provided INSPIRED Project Funding and the Financier Group so that the profit spread can be calculated, the due diligence (DD) can be completed, and procedures reviewed for risks.) 

INSPIRED Project Funding’s selected Financier Group, _______________, will always sign on the ICPO and CI.

The Financier Group will provide their banking info as a JV partner with 100 percent control and oversight of the transaction. The exit buyer will directly pay the financier group in full for the CI. Once payment has been received by the approved exit buyer, the buyer or its trading group shall issue invoices to the Financier Group for their respective 30 percent PLUS on the last tranche a request for full reimbursement for any SBLC fees.

Note: These programs and figures may be amended, withdrawn, or customized at any time at the pleasure of INSPIRED Project Funding and its Financier Group(s). Always subject to approval or denial and available funding.

Need an SBLC or DLC?

Lease or purchase through us from top 10 banks at competitive rates. Email Todd Gessele at Mention the amount, lease or purchase, the duration and identify who is paying for it, and request an application. Then call (01) 503 348-8652 Whatsapp.

"We help brilliant brokers become bona fide buyers!"

Need up to 500M Proof of Funds for a fuel deal?

We are prepared to enter a profit participation agreement with you and can put up a tear sheet which your supplier can verify.  To get started we'll need the Corporate Invoice(s) (CI)s you want POF issued for, and we'll send you the application. You only pay us if you lift fuel! The cost is $0.75 cents per barrel or $0.0179 per gallon for the duration of the commercial invoice for the spot and any follow on SPA contracts with rolls and extensions. 

Contact Todd Gessele at for details