We operate a fuel desk and also fund fuel trades!

We usually sell at net prices and usually our suppliers issue Corporate Invoices (CI), not a Soft Corporate Offers (SCO) against a buyer’s Corporate Profile (CP). Sometimes the process begins with an Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order (ICPO).
Since we often sell at net prices, the seller usually pays all commissions. We don't post net pricing or show a commission spread, we simply let you know what commission is open. 
If the buyer wishes to pay you above and beyond the net price, you may accept commission directly from the buyer. But you can't double dip and take posted available commission from the seller if you make arrangements to be paid by your buyer. 

We try to save your buyer or supplier from all the hassle, the back and forth silly broker requirements, often skipping the NDA/NC, LOI, FCO and ICPO whenever possible. The IMFPA has its own NDA/NC anyway for all who are involved.

We don't shop buyer's CP’s, just internally match them with fuel supply by identifying the 7 P’s: (Product, Price Target, Procedure, Place and Period of the Contract, Payment type and People involved), which allows you to control who sees your banking info.

Once you understand what we do, I am sure you will appreciate our professional service. Intermediaries are encouraged to introduce their proven suppliers and qualified buyers. If we buy or sell from them, now or later, the introducer will get commission with rolls and extensions. 

I welcome any other questions. Our redacted procedures and offers will be reflected in the CI your buyer will receive. No surprises.

Finally tell us, “Is your buyer Is your buyer a reseller/flipper, title taker, or end burner?"