With more than 23 years of experience in 40+ countries around the globe, Todd Gessele is positioned to provide INSPIRED service to fuel traders, commercial clients, and the non-profit sector. His portfolio of business consulting includes wind farms, hydro and solar energy deals, mining and fishing enterprises, development of resort properties, the hospitality industry, recycling plants, and startups.

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Shashi Kumar works as a deal consultant for INSPIRED Project Funding from his office in India. 

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Kim Boyd brings over 30 years of experience in the Food, High Tech, Industrial, Manufacturing, Construction, and Energy markets. These markets and industries are not just in the US and Canada but also in Europe, Africa, Asia / Pacific, Australia, New Zealand, and Central and South America. Kim is dedicated to finding the best solution for the customer’s need and following thru to make it become a reality.

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Phillip Morgan is a deal maker on our fuel desk, which has access to allotments with the majors in Houston, Vancouver BC, and Rotterdam and direct connections to refineries in NYC, Philadelphia, in Jordan and Russia.

We also have bulk buyers who can pay cash at tabletop meetings, so let us know if you have fuel that can be verified to be in tank or on vessel within in 4 hours, otherwise, don’t bother us. We deal in ULSD 62, D2, D6, EN590, JP54, A1, BLCO, WTI, LNG and API 16-30.

Send us your request for fuel and your buyers CP if you want the best pricing.

We’ll help you move your product if it is priced right.

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